18 February 2010

mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be e-readers

with apologies to waylon jennings and willie nelson.

mommy's got her iPad, dad's reading on his kindle, what's a technologically savvy pre-schooler to do?

this just in . . . fisher-price's iXL. (get it? i excel??)

yes that's right, now your 3-6 year old (who's amazingly above average hailing from lake wobegone) can e-read just like mommy and daddy. introducing the iXL, review courtesy of engadget.

see? this is a brilliant strategy on the part of fisher-price. if you never introduce your child to printed books in the first place . . . ahhhh, now you're getting it.

here are some other reviews of the iXL:

being nice and not naughty along with batteries required.

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