23 December 2009

but i digress. . . again

but not too far, me thinks. although the subject is handwriting. handwriting, you say, as you wring your hands. yes, handwriting. or, verily i say, the decline of handwriting. not the decline of penmanship, mind you (that's the subject of a future 'i digress . . .' handwriting is history. no, i didn't say it. anne trubek said it. in an article for miller-mccune. on a separate note, i had never heard of this miller-mccune magazine before, but apparently it's hot among the librarian set. who knew? well, i guess you did. and, apparently, have been keeping it to yourself.

anyway, i posted this article because while reading, i felt as though i could have replaced the word handwriting with books. some of the same arguments, it seems, have been put forth over generations of technological innovation. and it's a pretty good article. and so is the magazine, for that matter. i shall bookmark it. oops, that means i'll be reading it online, instead of as a printed monograph. shhhhhhhhh. don't tell anyone.

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