07 December 2009

can't be funny all the time

yes, i know, that last post was lame. i was distracted yet still wanted to get the info out without taxing myself trying to be entertaining. my bad. i'll try to limit those "just fyi" posts.
now, back to today's link. publishers weekly refers to it as "a terribly written, but compelling, review of The Nook. From The Money Times." i thought that "mini-review" was funny in itself. i've read worse, heck, i've written worse, but i post it for your enlightenment, if not necessarily for your entertainment. and there you have it, and there it is.

oh, wait, i had to add this. normally i would link directly to the article, but you've GOT to read the tele-read intro first . then click through to opinion piece titled 'ode to books, or why e-book readers will never replace them.'

this should be all the literary entertainment you can stand for today.

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