12 January 2010

back down memory lane . . . tra la la

1994. gas was $1.09/gallon. OJ Simpson invented the slow car chase. Forrest Gump married his Jen-nay. And you read your newspaper on a tablet. remember? huh? wha?? what chu talkin' bout robyn? apple hasn't even come out with it's tablet yet? put down that wine glass.

whoa, first of all, it's kool-aid and second of all, check this out!! the huffington post introduces us to an idea that the knight-ridder organization came up with SIXTEEN years ago!! like panasonic, just slight ahead of their time. kight-ridder actually had an information design lab whose job was to come up with innovative solutions for media. and what did they come up with. it was a . . . wait for it. . . TABLET!! take a look at the video (it's 15 minutes but the nostalgia alone is worth it.)

innovation whose time has finally come?

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