27 January 2010

it's not a red ryder bb gun, but . . .

i didn't think anything would pull me away from the amazon kindle (which i still love and will appreciate if you send it to me). but after seeing apple's video on the ipad, I WANT ONE!!

now, do i think it's a game changer. personally, no. it's just really, really cool. i think it's more akin to a netbook than an e-reader. a big ipod. but if i were going to spend $499 or more for something color, portable and wi-fi ready, why not the iPad??

the key for academia, i think, is still textbooks. i don't see a value-added benefit to having an iPad in a library setting . . . yet. i'm sure many campuses will start to look at it and i'm anxious to see what they find. (i'm hoping my campus will be one of them - fred?? fred??)

anyway, enuf about me. here are some initial responses to the iPad. i still want one.

los angeles times
wsj's walt mossberg
new york times' david pogue
tech journalists/bloggers

you'll find me most days at the james b duke library at furman university if you should decide that generosity is a virtue and making an old woman's simple dream of owning an iPad a reality. blessing you in advance, i am sincerely yours.

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