06 January 2010

would you like that nytimes subscription? 'e' or 'p'?

ACK! (is that a word?)

what in h-e-double hockey sticks is nicholas carson of the silicon alley insider trying to do?? what of the poor advertisers? how will i know which razor to shave with and soap to shower with?? is he a secret agent for amazon?? is he a basher of books? is he predicting the demise of the printed newspaper?? (insert music of impending doom *here*).

nah . . . just observing the price of printing the times versus giving every subscriber a kindle. if you know me, you know i LOVE the kindle, so i would subscribe in a new york minute (get it?). would you? what if the e-subscription was cheaper? or they bundled a print and 'e' subscription but you paid a little more? hmmmmmm . . .

in other news, cincinnati just bought 10 kindles! yes, the city. yes, to save money. i don't know. stop asking questions.

ps - okay, in other other news, i had to update. another reason to stay away from e-readers. whatever will i do to stay warm?

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