17 January 2010

i've been punked

imagine my surprise when i woke up to my sunday new york times this morning (on the web, of course). the pic to the left was attached to the arts/books column. i thought, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum (okay, cup of coffee), i've got an e-related article. one click turned into two turned into three turned into a back click and a scan and a click and, okay, you get the picture. apparently that's ALL you get, because there wasn't an article in the bunch on ANYTHING e-related. e-books, e-readers, netbooks, tablets, nothin'. i was punked!

luckily for you, dear reader, my spidey sense was tingling (along with my google reader) and i KNEW there was something out there. here, in no particular order, are some interesting articles (yes, i'm being lazy - i can't entertain you people every time, it's NFL playoff time).

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