07 January 2010

is this blog titled correctly??

okay, i know what you've been thinking (that's right). why is this named a naked library? is she ever going to write about libraries? or anything academic for that matter? i was actually thinking about this the other day. is there anything going on with e-readers and academia?? can i just not find the information? is it hush-hush? well . . .

one - here's something librarian-ish and e-book-ish. the strange case of academic libraries and e-books nobody wants to read is an interesting observation on the relationship between academic libraries and publishers and mis-steps libraries made upon the advent of e-reading. the author, dan d'agostino is a new contributor to the tele-read blog, and could be considered an expert in the field. he is the collection development librarian at a large research library. so there! credentialized.

two - i think i'm going to have to change the title of my blog. it will still be about libraries and schools and what i like to call 'e-iterations.' that is, all the things i can find e-book or e-reader related (that i think is interesting - quite subjective). but what i've realized is this is an extremely exciting and, for some, troubling time - for libraries, schools, publishers, bookstores, consumers. 2010 will probably be seen as the year of 'e.' at least a dozen e-readers are scheduled to hit the markets, probably more. some manufacturers are producing 2 or 3 models at a time. not to mention the different e-ink formats and color. PLUS . . . HP/Microsoft's Courier and Apple's (no it does not exist *wink wink* iSlate).

but i love the name 'a naked library?' oh well . . . cest la vie. i'll think about it tomorrow. after all, tomorrow is another day. (i got that outta book).

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